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I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! With November now upon us, I have turned OFF the site-wide FREE subscriptions. As always, Thanks for being a part of Chatlands!


Happy Howl-o-ween, folks! As many of you know, officially launched on October 31st, 1999. This Halloween (or "Howloween" as we prefer for obvious reasons), Wolfhome (the first Chatlands™ chat site) turns 24! We are celebrating this year by setting all CL sites to FREE for the next seven days (until November 1st). So, have a fun and thanks for being a part of Chatlands!


I have updated the Chatlands Terms of Use and Admin Conduct. If you are a regular Chatlands user, please be sure to review the new version of the terms of use. If you are also a Chatlands administrator, please be sure to read the admin conduct document as well. There are several changes, some of it wording and some of it clarification of existing rules. One addition I made was including a version of the problem solving strategies that we have had over on the Wolfhome rules for quite awhile now.



I have decided to take a six month hiatus from my administrative role on Chatlands. I'll still be available for technical support and similar issues. With Kes resigning as the last Guardian it means that site alphas are the highest level moderators. They should be able to handle any administrative issues that come up for their respective sites.


Kes has decided to step down a Chatlands Guardian. This leaves us with no remaining Guardians. I will miss having Kes as she was an enormous help. We are now entering a new period for the Chatlands sites as a whole. Sites will be operating more independently although they are still required to follow the CL Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. We will be updating the CoC to reflect the new administrative structure soon.

I want to thank Kes for her tireless efforts to try and resolve the issues on Chatlands. She's done even more that was behind the scenes and she will be missed!


Due to unforeseen circumstances irl Sif will be stepping down as a Chatlands Guardian. As a result all global bans and admin restriction appeals as well as site ownership transfers will be put on a temporary hold until the Chatlands Council is officially launched and operating. The Guardians are currently finalizing documents detailing Council duties, responsibilities, and CoC to be shared with the community for feedback. We apologize for this delay but we look forward to sharing this information and gaining your valuable input to better serve the members of the Chatlands Community.

-The Chatlands Guardians

P.S. I want to thank Sif for the many years of volunteer work that she's done for all of us on Chatlands. She's done countless things that have helped improve the site and keep it running! Thank you for your help, Sif!



It is back! Long awaited revival of MotM and Artist Spotlight, finally back in action! This monthly event is to show those who are noticed and appreciated for what they do within the community. Members can nominate those who they feel deserve it. For more information, visit
💡Chatlands Site Spotlight💡

Canine Caribbean has opened up with a great looking home page, a fun animated map as well as a ton of interesting rooms and pose sets! So, please show them some love and stop by sometime to say "hello".

Visit the Canine Caribbean Home Page

As always, thanks for being a part of Chatlands!

🏳‍🌈Happy Pride Month!🏳‍🌈

Happy pride month everyone! No matter what, we are all accepted for who we are!

Love, Wandering Twilight Realms
🎉 Chatlands & Wolfhome Discords 🎉

It took us longer than we'd hoped but we now have both the Chatlands Horizons Discord and the Wolfhome 2D Chat Discord back online!

The Fellowship of Wolfhome Discord: //
Chatlands Horizons Discord:

Thanks for being a part of Chatlands!

🎉 Wolfhome is back open! 🎉

Beta Phase may be over with but there will be more changes ahead as more information comes in and as the member base grows. Wolfhome is still a Work In Progress and will always welcome YOUR feedback. We can't do this without you! Please check // for further details concerning the chat opening 🙂

Thanks for being a part of Chatlands!

Wolfhome is coming back!

Wolfhome is coming back together & opening soon! 🙂 To give ourselves the best chance we’re now looking for Beta Testers!!

Are you interested in joining our community and becoming a Beta Tester? For further details please see here: //

Thanks for being a part of Chatlands!

We're moving to HTTPS

Hello Everyone! I have been modifying the Chatlands code so that all web pages will use SSL (Secure Socket Layers). This is necessary in order to provide better security for CL users and also so we can add browser notifications, allowing you to know when someone enters a room you're in, whispers to you, or similar events. That code is still in progress and should be ready soon.

You'll see the URL change to a "lock" symbol. If you notice any problems please contact a site administrator or submit a trouble ticket and I'll try to get it fixed quickly!

Thanks for being a part of Chatlands,
February 1st, 2022 9:59pm PDT
Welcome Back to Chatlands!

First of all, thank you for your continuous patience, understanding and support during this difficult time. As most of you already know, Chatlands has been offline for several weeks now. We're very sorry that this happened and we are still not completely back to full operation but we are getting closer. The Wolfhome chat site is still offline but will be back soon. For the time being, the Chatlands Forum is still unavailable and the Wolfhome Forum is still restricted to Official Announcements and the sections related to buying or selling artwork. We will bring the Wolfhome Discord and the CL 2020 discord back into full operation soon. But today we are finally reopening Chatlands and we are bringing several sites back online.

Chatlands is here to provide a safe place for people to chat and hang out with their friends and we work hard to make that possible.We take reports about possible predators very seriously and we investigate these accusations quickly. Because of this we will not tolerate people engaging in public harassment or attempts to publicly name and shame our users or administrators. I want to remind everyone that, by using this site, they agree to follow the Chatlands Terms of Use. While this page has been updated over the years, the section on "misuse" has been around in this form for over a decade.

In practice we have always tried to let each site manage these problems on their own. The Guardians were created many years ago in order to address site wide threats of hacking, predators and similar serious threats to the community as a whole. With these sites reopening, it is important to understand that the Chatlands administration will be strict with cases of harassment directed at other Chatlands users or at Chatlands sites and their administration. If you have any concerns or questions about this change, please ask an administrator or ask me directly. I am available by email at


January 17th, 2022 7:40pm