Chatlands™ Terms of Use Policy

This policy serves as the global Chatlands™ Code of Conduct and may be referred to herein as "Terms of Use", "Terms", "Policy", "Code of Conduct", or "CoC". Chatlands™ and its affiliated sites may be referred to herein as "we", "our", or collectively as "Chatlands™".

By creating an account with Chatlands™, its individual chat sites, and its affiliated sites, you agree to and fully acknowledge this Code of Conduct. You acknowledge that these terms are effective as of the date you create your account and agree to abide by all rules, regulations, and policies of Chatlands™ and its affiliated sites as well as accept any and all consequences upon breaking any rules detailed in this policy and those of our individual chat sites. This Code of Conduct serves as Chatlands™ "law"; the rules and regulations within are binding and enforced across all Chatlands™ affiliated sites and are under no circumstances to be bent nor broken. Chatlands™ does not guarantee a favorable result for any appeals made to one’s ban.

Chatlands™ affiliated sites include but are not limited to our official forums, Discord servers, and all social media.

All Chatlands™ users and staff must adhere to these terms. Code of Conduct violations may result in permanent global bans with or without the opportunity to appeal, administrative demotions or dismissals, and administrative restrictions.

It is important to recognize and acknowledge that William "Bill" Underwood (Underdog) is the owner of Chatlands™ and wunderwood LLC. While he may not be directly involved in day-to-day Chatlands™ affairs, it is important to know that he has the final say in any decision should he choose to exercise his authority.

Individual Chatlands™ chat sites are owned by administrators called "site owners" or "owners". Apart from Underdog, site owners are the highest authority on Chatlands™ and have the authority to determine your eligibility to participate on their chat site and respective platforms. Individual Chatlands™ chat sites are autonomously governed by their site owners and their staff but must adhere to and enforce the global Chatlands™ Site Owner and Administrator Code of Conduct as well as this Terms of Use policy. Users are expected to follow all local rules and local CoCs when using these chat sites.

Your participation within Chatlands™ is conditioned upon these rules.

Age Requirements and Restrictions
You must be at least 13 years old in order to make use of Chatlands™. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. This is not an arbitrary decision on our part. Like all other websites operating inside the United States, wunderwood LLC must comply with COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (more information). The Chatlands™ website is not intended for children under the age of 13.

If users are found to be intentionally dishonest with their age when signing up for Chatlands™, they will receive a local ban as well as a temporary global ban until they reach the age of 13. Underage users participating in age-boosting in order to gain access to age-restricted chat sites, chatrooms, or to use artwork that may be inappropriate for their age may be subjected to local chat site penalties.

Chatlands™ was created for people to chat with their friends. Misuse includes harassing, bullying, and spamming others as well as abusing the messaging system to solicit illegal activities. We reserve the right to ban any user from the system for any reason.

We reserve the right to restrict the text you enter and the graphics you submit, including, but not limited to your username, the description of your private room(s), and your personal information. We ask that you remain respectful and courteous of others as many users would rather not be exposed to excess profanity, vulgarity, or sexual insinuation.

In order to maintain a safe atmosphere for our community, we ask that our users behave appropriately and treat others with respect. If you have an issue with another user and require assistance you may use ignore or blocking features, report them to an appropriate staff member, or submit a Problem Ticket to the appropriate chat site staff.

Chatlands™ has a zero-tolerance policy for any inherently illegal or harmful behaviors. Users may not participate in, publish, transmit, promote, or distribute any content that is inherently illegal and deemed a threat to our community. Users that are found to be participating in inherently illegal or harmful activities that are deemed a threat to our community will receive a permanent global ban. Off-site activity that could affect one’s on-site presence may still be investigated as a violation of this code of conduct. Please be aware that Chatlands™ is based in the USA and follows US laws. Illegal or harmful activities may result in ISP (Internet Service Provider) reports and real-life legal proceedings.

Pedophilia, zoophilia, grooming, and soliciting minors in any way is strictly prohibited in both public and private chatrooms, forums, private messages, forms of art, and across all Chatlands™ sites. Photos, videos, artwork, roleplay, text, or any other media of minors (or minors and adults), animals (non-humanized), or other non-consenting beings in mature or otherwise inappropriate situations and the use of this content to solicit or abuse minors is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent global ban and may be grounds for contacting the offending user’s ISP. Users that are found guilty of participating in any such behaviors will be permanently banned from Chatlands™ and all affiliated sites. This ban is not appealable under any circumstances.

Death threats and cyber threats, upon thorough investigation, will often result in a permanent global ban rather than following a typical local ban ladder.

Threatening another user or staff member’s life or to cause bodily harm, with or without the intention of following through with the act, is strictly prohibited on Chatlands™.

If a user appears to be exhibiting behaviors that appear to be related to self harm or unaliving, please report it ASAP. While investigating the issue, the user in question will receive links and numbers to self harm prevention resources. If the user appears to be a possible danger or risk to themselves or others, the user’s ISP will be contacted in order to perform a wellness check. A temporary global ban will be placed on the user’s account for the safety of themselves and our community. After a cooldown period, the ban may be appealed when the user feels they are in a better position to rejoin our community.

Cyber threats are malicious acts that seek or threaten to damage, steal, or expose private information or data in order to harm others or otherwise disrupt our websites. Examples of such include but are not limited to:
  • Threats or attempts of planting viruses, hacking accounts, or doxxing users or staff.
  • Attempts to obtain or exploit another user or staff member's account, account information, passwords, or personal/private information.
  • Writing scripts or programs that send the server multiple automated requests.
  • Attempts to crash or halt the system, or to degrade its performance (sometimes referred to as a "denial of service" attack).
  • Attempts to abuse the system or attempting to make the system perform in a manner for which it was not intended.
This is not a comprehensive list but meant to serve as examples of unacceptable behavior. If you have a question, ASK an administrator.

Please Note: Chatlands™ staff members do not have access to your password and they should never ask for your password. If this happens, please contact Underdog directly.

Users may not intentionally upload files or content that contains viruses, malicious code, or corrupted data. Posting malicious links within Chatlands™ and its affiliated sites for any reason is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to links to explicit or pornographic material, key-loggers, browser hijackers, scams, and shock sites.

Users may not exploit bugs for personal or financial gain, write scripts or programs that send the server multiple automated requests, attempt to crash or halt the system or to degrade its performance, attempt to make the system perform in a manner for which it was not intended, or otherwise attempt to abuse the system. If a bug is found, it must be reported to Underdog ASAP.

Non-administrative users may not share any administrative information including streamed content, links, text, audio, or screenshots without explicit permission.

Use of Art Work and Intellectual Material
By allowing you to use this site, wunderwood LLC has not relinquished any rights to its code, concepts, artwork, web pages or other intellectual property. You may not copy, decode, or otherwise decompile what we have created. You may not redistribute any pictures, sounds or other media owned by wunderwood LLC without prior written permission.

Chatlands™ permits the use of artwork and other copyrightable intellectual property, often including chat poses or chatroom backgrounds, within its sites. The creator or owner maintains the copyright of the submitted artwork. Prior written consent from the creators or owners of the material is required before submitting it to Chatlands™ and its affiliated sites.

By submitting intellectual property to Chatlands™, you are confirming that you have the legal rights to do so and that you have obtained consent from the creator or owner (the current copyright holder) who has agreed to abide by all the terms and conditions outlined herein.

By submitting artwork or other copyrightable intellectual property to Chatlands™ and its affiliated sites, or by authorizing others to do so, you hereby grant wunderwood LLC an unrestricted license to exhibit these works on this website as well as other websites owned or operated by wunderwood LLC. This enables Chatlands™ to function as a service by hosting and facilitating the viewing of these works on our sites. wunderwood LLC retains the right to reproduce and distribute your artwork across all sections of this website and any other websites owned or operated by wunderwood LLC. It exercises this right on behalf of the creators and owners (the copyright holders) of the property.

wunderwood LLC agrees that any use of intellectual property for commercial purposes, including merchandise, advertisements, and banners, requires obtaining additional licensing from the respective artist, owner, or copyright holder of said property.

Disclaimer: A paid membership subscription does not obligate Chatlands™ or wunderwood LLC to automatically accept any submitted material. All artwork must be reviewed and approved by the chat site’s art staff to ensure that it meets certain requirements and adheres to this Terms of Use policy. The approval process may include a waiting period, inquiries, and the possibility of the artwork being rejected.
It is prohibited to upload any artwork or intellectual property without written permission from its creator or owner. The use of this material without proper permission is considered theft which could result in local chat site penalties. By submitting artwork or other intellectual material to Chatlands™, you have agreed to not hold Chatlands™ accountable for any theft that may have occurred on Chatlands™, its affiliated sites, or sites owned by wunderwood LLC. If you suspect any instances of theft, kindly inform a Chatlands™ staff member to ensure a prompt resolution.
By allowing their property on Chatlands™, the creator or owner recognizes that the possibility of unwanted distribution may occur when sharing their artwork or other creative materials. Should the creator or owner of the materials wish to have their property removed from a chat site, they are encouraged to submit a PT (Problem Ticket) to the chat site's staff. Should the creator or owner wish to have their property removed from all Chatlands™ sites, they should contact Underdog directly. Upon the creator or owner’s request, no further materials will be accepted on Chatlands™.

"Commercial Purposes" - Using artistic or other intellectual property to generate financial gains for Chatlands™ or wunderwood LLC through advertising and/or bringing in money. This may include using the material with online stores such as CafePress or Zazzle. This does not include the direct resale of said material.

"Artist" - The person that originally created and thus probably, but not necessarily, owns the copyright to the work.

"Artist/Creator" - The person that originally created the intellectual material.

"Creator/Owner" - The person that currently owns the intellectual property rights to the material.

"User" - The person using Chatlands™ or any wunderwood LLC services. The user does have to own the intellectual property rights to the artwork they are using, but they are required to obtain written permission from the creator or owner prior to submitting the artwork to Chatlands™.

"Administration/Admin" - Voluntary staff members of Chatlands™ and/or wunderwood LLC.

"Site Owner" - An owner of the name and the content a Chatlands™ chat site.

"Chatlands™/CHATLANDS.COM" - The collection of websites owned by wunderwood LLC and the parent website to all Chatlands™ chat sites.

Refund Policy
Subscriptions and other services on Chatlands™ are acquired by expending online credits called "Deltas". Deltas (see Chatlands™ Deltas FAQ) are purchased from wunderwood LLC using PayPal. All sales are final. You may choose to cancel your account on Chatlands™ at any time. Any credit remaining in your account is NON-REFUNDABLE. Deltas purchased for for Chatlands™ services are treated in a manner similar to that of purchases for credit at an arcade that uses tokens or cards to operate their video games. If you wish, you may transfer your unused Chatlands™ Deltas to another account before closing your account. Once an account has been closed, all remaining Deltas are permanently removed. Unspent Deltas cannot be transferred from a previously closed account.

IMPORTANT: ALL FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS ARE MADE VIA PAYPAL. When we transfer money to you for any reason, unless explicitly agreed upon in advance by both parties, the financial transaction is made using PayPal. PayPal will send an e-mail to your account notifying you of the completed transfer. You should then follow a link in that e-mail to receive payment. Financial transactions that are left unclaimed for more than 30 days WILL BE CANCELED.

Chatlands™ will not provide reimbursement to users for any financial losses incurred during user-to-user transactions, including commissions, trades, or other purchases.

How to Report Copyright Infringement (DMCA)
If you believe that your artwork or other intellectual property is being used without your permission on a wunderwood LLC site, you may report it by sending us a DMCA notification.

Please visit the DMCA reporting page for information on how to submit a report and if you have further questions, please contact William Underwood at this address:

Art Definitions
"Poses" - Pieces of artwork that represent someone on the chat. Some poses are unique to that individual (Custom Poses). Others have been obtained by a User/Artist as a set (Pre-mades).

"Custom" - Custom made artwork means there is no other artwork like it. These might be rooms or poses, and they could be made by the User/Artist, or have been commissioned to be made by another User/Artist. These can also include custom colored or shaded outlines, and Pre-mades.

"Premades" - Artwork, usually poses, that was created for multiple users. A user will typically purchase permission to use this type of art.

"Modified" art or "Mods" for short - Artwork, typically poses, that have been modified or altered. Modded poses are usually altered default set poses or freebies. They are often made from a combination of different poses or have things like accessories or props added on. Please check the artist’s terms of use and acquire any necessary permission before modding any artwork that you have not created.

"Freebies" - Any artwork that an artist has allowed to be used for free on Chatlands™. The art may be free, but users must adhere to the artist's terms and conditions on the usage of their artwork. The artist has the right to determine where and how their work is used and may alter their terms at any time and for any reason. If unsure about the allowed usage of an image, please contact the artist or seek help from administration. Please note that "Freebies" are not automatically labeled as Public Domain (where no one owns the rights). In order for Freebies to be considered Public Domain, it must be made clear to the Chatlands Administration and Users that the material is Public Domain.
We make every effort to protect your privacy (see our privacy policy for more). However, we do log the chat to protect both you and ourselves. This log is kept confidential and unread unless there is trouble.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our users, each chat site on Chatlands™ maintains a private log of all chat messages accessible only by its highest ranking administrators. These logs serve as a protective measure and are kept strictly confidential. These logs are not read or accessed without a sufficient need to address any potential issues or concerns that may arise. The global Admin Code of Conduct requires documentation for all log checks. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information. Users may not share private log information.

Problem Solving Strategies for Chatlands™ (by Underdog)
(note: this section was adapted from one we have had on the Wolfhome Rules for quite some time, as it applies to all of Chatlands™.)

I want to take a minute to explain how I expect members of Chatlands™ to approach problems with another user, whether that other user is a Subordinate, Apprentice, Gamma, Beta or Alpha... The goal is to try and keep the public forums clear of the acrimony that plagued the previous incarnations of Wolfhome and other Chatlands™ sites. I want to make these suggestions:

  1. When you have a problem with some other user, first you need to send a message to that person explaining yourself. Avoid sarcasm or other things that would add more "heat than light". State your case plainly and politely. If someone has done you an injustice, make it clear why you feel that way, but do not make things more complicated by attacking back. Resist the temptation to "tell them off". Try to resolve the problem in a private message.
  2. If you are unable to resolve the problem by working directly with the other person, you should escalate it to someone of higher rank. So, for example, if you are a Subordinate and you are having problems with another Subordinate, send a private message to a Gamma about it, or speak with them privately.
  3. If escalating to the next level doesn't work, continue to escalate. There's no reason why you have to go through each level, but try to if you can. If all else fails, please do not hesitate to contact me (or another Alpha) directly about problems with an administrator. Be aware that I want to think highly of my team, but that doesn't mean that they are infallible.
  4. The main goal is to try to resolve problems without turning it into a public argument. For what it's worth, any time that I see a PUBLIC discussion of some problem that should have been handled in PRIVATE, I tend to be strongly biased against the public debate. So, it serves your purpose to avoid airing "dirty laundry" in public. This means, be discreet and private. PM the Alphas, rather than post a negative topic.
  5. If all else fails, and you have moved up the ladder and you decide to take it public, keep in mind that I am not going to cave in to mob rule. I am the Site Owner and what I say is final. I want to keep people happy, but I am going to do what I feel is right, regardless of any public vote.
I believe that the root cause of the collapse of previous incarnations of Wolfhome had to do with arguments on public forums. I do not want to eliminate those, but I want them to be a last resort. Thanks for helping me reach that goal.


Thank you for participating in our site and happy chatting!

Changes to the Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time. When we make any significant changes to these rules, we will attempt to alert Chatlands™ members by way of a splash screen or with an update on the Chatlands™ home page. However, we do not guarantee that this will happen or that you will see it. It is your responsibility to check from time to time for updates or changes made to this document. BY CONTINUING TO USE OUR SERVICES, YOU INDICATE THAT YOU AGREE TO THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THESE RULES.


Last updated on July 15th, 2023