Now we know that these may not happen because they're stretch goals, but to give you some idea of what's just around the corner. If we actually do pass our funding goal we will update the Kickstarter with dollar amounts for these pledge goals.

Programmable Props Stretch Goals

Message board (stretch goal) - Place in your room and when someone activates it (clicks or approaches) it displays a popup with messages. It can be set to only show messages to specific individuals or groups

Streaming video (stretch goal) - This can be synchronized for everyone in the room. so you can watch a movie together, or it can be a video that plays when someone clicks on a room object, allowing you to leave video recordings for people to find later on.

Treasure Boxes (stretch goal) - These are props that when you click on them they modify something else. Maybe they add deltas to your account, or add an item to your inventory that you need to open a door, etc.

Enhanced Bodyshop Stretch Goals

Decorative Items (stretch goal) - Incorporate image overlays for clothing, jewelry, tattoos or other props that are attached to the avatar. These items are placed on the avatar and can be moved around for each pose. Poses will be made up of layers that are combined when the pose is saved.

Special Items (stretch goal) - Like the above, but the items unlock special features that will be explained later. Hint: think "cloak of invisiblity" or "ring of reversed speech".

Transition Poses (stretch goal) - Poses can be tagged, allowing you to define an "ENTER" pose that plays when you enter a new location, or an "EXIT" pose that plays when you leave a room (we call this the "poof" pose).

Scriptable Animated Sprites (stretch goal) - Some of this might make it into version 1 of CL 2020, but the longer range goal is to incorporate an armature or bones into an avatar so you can move different parts separately. This is hard to explain briefly, so if you want to learn more try a google search for "sprite animation rigging".

Other Stretch Goals

Expanded Gifts (stretch goal) - Expand the current gift code making it possible for domain owners to create custom gifts that are exclusive to their world.

Programmed Quests (stretch goal) - Players may choose to participate in quests to gather items and earn badges.

Simple Games (stretch goal) - There's this game called ACROPHOBIA on IRC (internet relay chat - google it) where the IRC bot shows everyone in the channel a random acronym. Players then have a short amount of time (maybe 10 seconds) to type in a phrase that fits that acronym (this is known as a "retronym"). Once all of the results are in, players vote on the "best" one and you can't vote on your own. The winner scores a point. There are many other simple games like this that we could potentially add to CL 2020.

Built in Artists Market (stretch goal) - We really wanted this to be in the main goal but it's just too big a project and we are trying not to over promise. But if we hit higher funding goals, the plan is to create a way for artists to display and sell their work directly on CL 2020.

Built in Forums (stretch goal) - Every CL 2020 Domain will have access to their own customizable forum. Of course the domain owner doesn't have to use our forum. Hey, no hard feelings! Note that this feature might appear in version 1 of CL 2020, but we are putting it here as a stretch goal, because that might turn out to be a bridge too far. But! If it doesn't make the initial launch, it will be right on it's heels.

A Chatlands App (stretch goal) - We include support for an app that runs on both iOS and Android and uses your phone's gyroscope to tilt and view the entire room as though it were floating right in front of you.

Implement the Murder Game (stretch goal) - We have had the domain name for many years now. Our plan has always been to do some form of online LARP / murder mystery, using Chatlands as the foundation. This is the way this will work:

This is one of our favorite goals, so hopefully we can get enough funding to make this happen some day!