Chatlands 2.0 - Kickstarter Notes on Karma

November 21st, 2019

Kickstarter Notes

KARMA represents the level of trust you've earned on a Chatlands 2.0 site. Karma is measured for each site and for Chatlands as a whole. Your karma starts at zero as a newbie. You can earn karma in several ways, some are shared below. The goal is to steadily advance what players can do on Chatlands. When you first arrive on Chatlands, you can't do much, because your karma is low. Once you've been around a while you gain trust and can do more things.

Earning Karma

Karma benefits

Karma Permission
10 Upload custom poses.
1000 Use custom poses in private rooms while awaiting admin approval.
10000 MUTE another player in a room (typically while waiting for a moderator). Muting another player COSTS YOU 1 KARMA POINT. The muting applies to single individual and a specific room.
25000 KICK another player from a room. The player can't return to the room for ONE HOUR. This action COSTS YOU 10 KARMA POINTS. It applies to single individual and a specific room.
50000 Player may use custom poses in all rooms while awaiting admin approval.
100000 Trusted artist Displays a trusted artist badge (and verified by site admins). Trusted artists have special access in the Artists Market.
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