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Are we there yet? Why yes, I think we are! B)

As of Thursday night I am unaware of any site move related bugs (as compared to all of the bugs that followed us over here). That means that if YOU are aware of some new bug, please be sure to let me know.

Okay, technically, I just remembered that there is a (sort of) new bug. Some people have been reporting that if they are idle in a room for an extended time, or they go to a different browser tab, that the room will reload, causing them to lose all of the conversation, which can be pretty annoying. There's a command I added awhile ago called !patch. That might help, so if you haven't tried it yet, give it a shot. Type an exclamation point followed by the word 'patch' to activate it, once you are in a room.

I am working ways to make the web socket connection more stable, but !patch may help in the short run. This also sets a cookie so once you have run !patch, you won't need to run every time you enter a new room.

Thanks to all of you for being a part of Chatlands! I have many more plans for the future on this site, but I won't "spill the beans" on them just yet.

November 18th, 2021 4:50pm
Chatlands Server Move - "closing in on it"

The server move has been more work than I'd hoped, but it's been manageable... We are in the part of the project I call "closing in on it"... Wolfhome was generally operational by around noon today (okay okay 1:30 pm) - and we have had bug reports throughout the day since then that have, I believe, been mostly resolved. During the day there were several sites that didn't have operational admin pages, pose reviewers, trouble ticket handling, site maintenance pages, and I am sure there'll be some more bumps still, but we're getting there. I am told "getting there is half the fun" so .... you're welcome?? B)

Seriously, I am sorry for this extended downtime and I truly appreciate how consistently supportive y'all have been! Thank you. I started this site move at noon on the 14th ate lunch, ate dinner, and finally went to bed at 2 on the 15th, then woke up at about 8:30 and was working on this again by 9 am - ate breakfast (Robin fixed me Korean French Toast - yum!) - ate dinner - and I stopped at around 7 tonight - so it's been quite a slog.

But we're almost there. The biggest hurdle that I am aware of is that PayPal payments are being accepted but the instant payment notification step is failing. I have a notice on the payment page warning that the deltas may take a lot longer to arrive in your Chatlands account until I get that resolved. Otherwise if you want to report a problem or you want to hear about the latest progress, please direct your conversation to the CL 2020 Discord. If you're just interested in the summary, I'll post more updates here tomorrow.

If you need discord invites:

CL 2020 discord
Wolfhome discord

Again, thank you for your amazing patience and encouragement and I hope to see you online sometime.

November 15th, 2021 10:15pm

You probably want to wait to log in but I am going to permit access. I may be restarting the server from time to time or there may be other "surprises". I'll post again when I think things are actually stable.
PLEASE NOTE: The Chatlands forum and Wolfhome forum should be available during the move but may be unavailable for brief outages.

status updates are being announced on the Chatlands 2020 and Wolfhome 2D Chat Site discord servers.

Sorry for the downtime. We'll be back soon.


We have started the process of moving all of our Chatlands servers to new hardware and software on Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 9:30 AM Eastern Time.

PLEASE NOTE: The Chatlands forum and Wolfhome forum should be available during the move but may be unavailable for brief outages.

status updates will be announced on the Chatlands 2020 and Wolfhome 2D Chat Site discord servers.

Sorry for the downtime. We'll be back soon.

ON 11/14/2021 AT 12:30 PST

I am moving all of our Chatlands servers to new hardware (and software) on Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 12:30 PM Pacific Time. This move will update the code to PHP 7 and MySQL 8.

I thought I could do this without bringing the sites down, but the changes in PHP 7 and MySQL 8 are so significant that other things had to change too. For example, the current email library, "swift mailer" doesn't run on PHP 7. There's several things similar to that.

So at 12:30 PM PST on 11/14/2021, the chat sites will be offline for at least several hours, possibly longer depending on certain hard to predict things like switching over DNS. I am estimating that we will be back online in less than 24 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: The Chatlands forum and Wolfhome forum will remain online during most of this because I've already moved them to the new server and they are on a separate database. They do share some resources, so they might be unavailable for brief outages.

You can check for status updates during this conversion on the Chatlands 2020 Discord or our new Wolfhome 2D Chat Site Discord server.

As always, thanks for being a part of Chatlands!

COVID Vaccination Free Deltas (July 10th, 2021)

Hello there, Chatlanders!

To show our support to those people who are choosing to get vaccinated, we have decided to give away TWO DELTAS to their Chatlands account. To claim these deltas, take a REDACTED photo of your vaccination card along with the account that should receive the two deltas (see the image for an example). Send this to


1. Before sending us the image, please be sure to BLOCK OFF YOUR NAME and any other personally identifiable information. If you don't live in the United States, that's no problem! We are a global community after all and this disease knows no boundaries.

2. This offer is limited to one award (i.e. two Chatlands deltas) per person.

3. Please email us (at the same address) if you have any questions or send me (underdog) a DM on the CL 2020 Discord. Here's a link to the server in case you don't have one yet.

As always, thanks for being a part of Chatlands!

Random Refreshes and a Possible FIX (March 31st, 2021)

We've been plagued with a random refresh bug on Chatlands. The details seem to be that every once in a while your connection to a room will RESET and you end up reloading the room. It's annoying, and there might be a FIX.

Try this: when you enter a room type !patch. That will show a message telling you that you ran the patch. It will play a very low noise continuously that makes Chrome think that the tab is busy and it doesn't put it to "sleep".

Chatlands 2020 Double Deltas (October 22nd, 2020)

Yesterday we sent emails to ALL of our Kickstarter supporters with information on how to redeem the DOUBLE DELTAS pledge. If you think that you should have received that email and you didn't, please contact me and we'll get that fixed ASAP!


We're in the process of upgrading our Chatlands servers. This is going to cause some downtime but the outcome should be better performing servers. Sorry for the outages. Our provider assures us that this shold be a relatively fast process.
The Chatlands 2020 Kickstarter completed successfully!

The Chatlands 2020 Kickstarter finished and we are busy working on the fulfillment step. We sent out emails with links to the fulfillment page a couple of weeks ago (and the reminder emails too). If you made a pledge and haven't gotten any emails about fulfillment, please let underdog know asap! Thank you.

We are setting up a CHATLANDS specific forum where you can learn the details about what's coming to Chatlands 2020 later this year! We will post a link to the forum here when things are ready to go.

I want to once again say THANK YOU to all of the Kickstarter backers AND to the many people that contributed their art and their energy to make this a campaign a success! It's good to have a community right now and I really appreciate the strong show of support.

Sincere thanks to each of you,

Bill Underwood
The Chatlands 2020 Kickstarter is here!

We have officially launched the Chatlands 2020 Kickstarter!

We worked furiously to bring together what some people have described as the biggest event in Chatlands history and it's finally live!

Visit to see the kickstarter page" and learn the amazing details about what's coming to CHATLANDS later this year!

Dear Chatlands Community,

First, I would like to thank you all for all of your support with the launch of the Chatlands 2020 Kickstarter. Within the first few days of its launch we met our initial goal and we are already well on our way to reaching our first stretch goal. None of this progress towards Chatlands 2020 would have been possible without all of our gracious contributors and backers.

With the launch of the Kickstarter, and the imminent revamp of Chatlands, we will unfortunately be discontinuing the reassignment program of dead/unused chat shells. Beginning immediately all abandoned or inactive chat sites will be taken under review and removed in preparation for relaunch. We apologize for this inconvenience, however we have much in store for our projected October relaunch and we hope you will join us for the momentous occasion.



January 23rd, 2020

A band of rats have decided to make CatsPawIsland their new home! Please welcome the Hooded Rats drawn by our very own Beta, Howlagan in celebration for the Year of the Rat!

Additionally, if you've ever wished to start a Noodlecat band to play along with your fellow Noodlecat music lovers, now your dream can finally come true! The artist of the pose set, Howlinkiro, has added three new poses to the set so you can show off your musical talents! The new poses are: Drummer, Guitar, and Singer to set you on your path to Noodlecat musical fame and glory and eventually end up in the Rock & Roll Hall of Noodlecat Fame!

October 31st, 2019

October 31st, 2019 was the 20th anniversary of the Wolfhome 2D Avatar Chat

We had a great time. I hope you were there for it! As we do every year, the site was set to free subscriptions until after Halloween. HOWLOWEEN VILLAGE was a big hit. Folks got lost in the corn maze, wandered around the haunted forest, checked out the spooky graveyard and lots of other new rooms.

UNDERDOG, FOURPAWS and lots of old friends were there! Underdog even talked a bit about the Chatlands 2020 Kickstarter. More details on that will be posted here shortly!


P.S. Here's the list of contributors to Howloween Village


Event Coordinator, Coder

Event Coordinator, Room Artist: Twilight Grotto

Object Artist: Ghosts, vampire coffin, pumpkins, alleyway items (trashcan, box)

Room Artist: Graveyard

Room Artist: Village Square, Corn maze

Room Artist: Creepy Alley

Room Artist: Haunted Forest

Room Artist: Pumpkin Patch

Room Artist: Haunted House

Room Artist: Fortune Teller

Please let me know if I missed anyone!


June 24th, 2018

For far too long, Chatlands and the related sites such as Wolfhome and Cats Paw Island have been running on clear text connections. While our sites don't send or receive any financial information (all of that is handled via PayPal) we do process email addresses, passwords and other things that might be indirectly useful to criminals. For instance, many people use the same password on multiple sites. If a hacker learns your email address and password here, and you're using the same login information at your bank, that's just not a good idea in general, but we can at least try and keep that information from falling into the wrong hands on our site.

Well, it turns out Google Chrome has the same idea. They've announced that their new version of Chrome, coming out sometime in July, 2018, will warn people about insecure connections. FireFox already does this. It's the push we needed to switch over to HTTPS and we're doing that as soon as possible.

However! That means that there's a very good chance the site will be *offline* (or showing some problems) for the next several days while I try getting SSL working correctly. Thanks in advance for your patience on this. I've been at it for several hours already today, and I'm making progress, but there's several hours (possibly days) of programming left to be done before we're finished.


July 23rd, 2017

We are changing the Chatlands™ registration policy.

Some people have been using disposable email in order to "ban hop" on Chatlands™. There's also "Hotmail" and other Microsoft email servers that delete what they consider spam, rather than putting it into a "spam" or "junk" folder. This means that the user has no idea that they received that email. This makes it impossible to validate your Chatlands™ account. For these and other reasons, we have decided to require that when registering for a new account only the following email domains will be accepted.,,, and (including yahoo's international domains)
We will update and expand this list from time to time. If you don't already have an account with one of these email services, you will need to create one first (it's free) before you create your Chatlands™ account.

Note: This only applies to new accounts. If you registered with some other email address, you can keep using that one. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we feel that this will help us to provide a more pleasant experience for all users on Chatlands™. Thank you for your understanding.

If you want to help Chatlands™ grow, please tell your friends!
- Thanks! -